Mall Alsokhna






7800 M2


Mall AlSokhna is a luxury commercial project by Orbit Development in Alain AlSokhna. DOMESTTU Design Studio has created a modern and elegant design with a creative and innovative philosophy. We offer trend-setting projects with unique concepts and designs.​

Our scope of work includes the dynamic aesthetic dimension of each zone. We have designed a unique multi-level open space that minimizes disruption to customers.​

The project covers 10000 square meters of landscape and 7800 square meters of built-up area. We have used a sophisticated approach to the materials and detailing, focusing on the coziness and visual calmness. The commercial area has four floors, connected by stairs, elevators, and escalators.​

Mall AlSokhna is inspired by mountain peaks and blended with contemporary architecture. The façade is a hollow cubic structure that relies on space more than mass. We have mixed sustainable materials to serve the sea view, as all units have a sea view. ​

We have specified various uses of space in our architectural design. The division of the units shows the size, dimensions, shape, flow and flexibility of the area. The indoor and outdoor spaces are seamlessly connected. The sunny outdoors and sea view create a lively natural habitat for the guests. The lighting is all over the place with shaped lamp poles to set the perfect mood and maximize the view.

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